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Rote memorization can be boring. But what if the process of memorization was a part of an engaging game? That was the thought I had in the conception of Tangomon: a libre, educational monster battling (Pokemon-like) game.

Tangomon is a very simple game which helps you learn. It was designed with vocabulary in mind, but can be theoretically used for all kinds of learning. Your monsters, known as tangomon, attack with words, known as tangojis. When you have completely memorized a tangoji, you can convert it into a tangokan, which you can use to convince other tangomon to join your team! Your goal is simple: collect them all!

If you like this game, please consider supporting my Patreon page or my Liberapay page. You can also support me by sending money to my PayPal account (onpon4@riseup.net), or to my public Bitcoin address (bitcoin:1Ko772jMW2ZDXaPT4Pi9VYi8612eSXCxfU). I cannot guarantee that my use of money from such a donation will be for any particular purpose, but every dollar you send me is a dollar I don't have to earn from my day job, and that means more time that I can spend working on projects such as this one.